With the aim of creating a presence in the Government’s effort of eliminating social ill among the youth, we have put together a number of essential objectives that would enable the event to be perceived as a not-to-be-missed event by the key players of the fixed gear bicycle industry:

  • To make KLIFG the platorm for the development of the fixed gear industry industry in Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific Region
  • To make KLIFG a lucrative business platorm where enthusiasts and leaders converge and expand business opportunities
  • To establish KLIFG as a recognized sports event in the Asia-Pacific Region hence, elevating Malaysian Sport Tourism scene.
  • To establish KLIFG as a plalorm to develop training programs for new and budding talents to learn and eventually contribute their expertise to the country.
  • To establish KLIFG as the perfect avenue to develop educational programs for the public and youths on fixed gear and create the passion for the sport and healthy lifestyle for a better tomorrow.
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